"Branding is what other people SAY about you when you're not in the room." 

-Jeff Bezos, Founder of Amazon

MALLORY may-CHUR Creative

Founded in 2017 by Creative Director Mallory Majcher, MALLORY may-CHUR Creative is a full-service creative and content marketing agency based in Kansas City that shares the stories of small businesses with big personalities!

At MALLORY may-CHUR Creative, we showcase the heart and soul behind small businesses through compelling visual storytelling. We specialize in utilizing multi-faced, integrated marketing strategies, including graphic design, brand development, social media marketing, copywriting, public relations and media relations services to help your brand come to life.

No matter what your business needs, we will harness the energy of your brand to help reach your goals and illuminate your success.


Mallory Majcher

Owner | Creative Director

An alumnae of the University of Texas, Mallory has nearly a decade of experience in marketing strategy and leadership. Throughout her career has a communications director, Mallory partnered with the most creative minds in marketing, serving clients in Austin, Boston, Denver, San Francisco and Chicago. In 2017, Mallory brought her competitive fire to Kansas City and opened her own agency.

Mallory has seen the strengths and weaknesses of large organizations firsthand, which has equipped her to be an efficient, effective ally for your business, She has partnered with some of the Nation's biggest brands and organizations, including Boston College, USA Swimming, The University of California Berkeley and Northewestern University.

A creative problem solver with a competitive fire, at her core, Mallory cares about helping your business tell its most compelling and authentic story to drive a positive change in the world.

Reach out to see what story we can tell together.

A Look Inside Mallory's World


I’ve been lucky enough to travel the globe and my experiences have left me with a gypsy soul and wanderlust spirit.


Despite my nomadic lifestyle, Texas will always be my home.


Everyone who knows me, knows that I am a huge sports fan. It's the fundamental reason I own a TV set and have cable.


My family has deemed me the social butterfly of the family due to my bubbly (and often dramatic) personality.


Mallory Runs on Dunkin. Need I say more?


I am a hopeless animal lover who dreams of fields of puppies and baby goat farms.